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Firefly/Serenity - Jayne Cobb - No Easy Street

Medium: Television
Fandom: Firefly
Title: No Easy Street
Subject: Jayne Cobb




ace of spades - motorhead

Pushing up the ante, I know you've got to see me,
Read 'em and weep, the dead man's hand again,
I see it in your eyes, take one look and die,
The only thing you see, you know it's gonna be,
The Ace Of Spades
The Ace Of Spades

longview -green day

Bite my lip and close my eyes
Take me away to paradise
I'm so damn bored I'm going blind
And I smell like shit

lust for life - iggy pop

Here comes johnny yen again
With the liquor and drugs
And the flesh machine
Hes gonna do another strip tease.
Hey man, whered ya get that lotion?
Your skin starts itching once you buy the gimmick
About something called love
Love, love, love
Well, thats like hypnotizing chickens.

red light indicates doors are secured - arctic monkeys

These two lads, squaring up, proper shouting
About who was next in the queue
The kind of thing that would seem so silly
But not when they've both had a few

Well calm down, temper, temper
You shouldn't get so annoyed
You're acting like a silly little boy

better life - 3 doors down

I’m about to see just how far I can fly,
Surely your gonna break my fall
I’m about to run as fast as I can,
Head long into that wall

blood - sons & daughters (maddy/family)

With the kinks and wires like me
The same fearing frame
We can run and hide
See the signs
Call to no-one
Taste with the same tongue
Swelling up inside
We can speak and re-sign
What's yours is mine

My Blood

fluff - black sabbath


no easy street - psychedelic furs

the police don't come
here on easy street

No Easy Street.ZIP
(change hxxp to http)

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